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 2002 SBC Annual Meeting June 11-12, 2002
2002 Annual Meeting
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Southwestern honors 3 distinguished alumni
Thursday, Jun 13, 2002
By Gregory Tomlin
ST. LOUIS (BP)--Key Southern Baptist leaders were on hand to honor Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's distinguished alumni during the June 12 alumni luncheon in St. Louis. [Read More]

New Orleans alumni reflect on past, hear challenge for future
Thursday, Jun 13, 2002
By Shannon Baker
ST. LOUIS (BP)--Intent on committing suicide by jumping off a bridge and taking their baby with them, a desperate north Alabama couple drove to New Orleans. Deciding first to feed their baby, so she at least would die with a full stomach, they stopped at the neighborhood grocery at the foot of the bridge. [Read More]

Islam through a glass darkly
Thursday, Jun 13, 2002
By Kelly Boggs
ST. LOUIS (BP)--Christians understand what it is to have the author of their faith maligned. The name "Jesus Christ" is routinely uttered as a curse word. In recent times he has been vilified and slandered in every disgusting manner imaginable. [Read More]

L.A. church planter recounts genesis of outreach to needy
Thursday, Jun 13, 2002
By John Hannigan
ST. LOUIS (BP)--Don Overstreet recounted his ministry as a church planting strategist in southeast Los Angeles during the June 10 annual meeting of the North American Church Planter's Fellowship in St. Louis. [Read More]

Peace Committee conclusions remain important 15 years later, Mohler says
Thursday, Jun 13, 2002
By Michael Foust
ST LOUIS (BP)--The 15-year anniversary of the adoption of the Peace Committee Report passed with little fanfare at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. [Read More]

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