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How to Make a Motion


A motion calls for specific action by the Southern Baptist Convention or requests specific action by one or more of its entities. A motion normally begins with “I move that ... ”

1. Write the motion legibly. (If the motion is spontaneous and you do not have time to write it before presenting it to the Convention at a hall microphone, write the motion before leaving the microphone area.)

2. Go to a floor microphone at a time when motions are being considered.

3. Notify the microphone monitor of your desire to make a motion.

4. When recognized by the presiding officer, state your name, the name and location of your church, and read your motion.

5. Before leaving the microphone, give the written copy of your motion to the Page at the microphone. A Page will take the copy of your motion to the platform so the motion may be entered into the record by the recording secretary. If a Page is not at the microphone at which you present your motion, wait there until one has been summoned by the microphone monitor.

6. The Committee on Order of Business will announce a time for the Convention to consider the motion or recommend its referral to some Convention entity.

7. Motions will be printed in the next day’s SBC Bulletin.



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How to Make a Motion


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