List of Events and Room Assignments

SPD = Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
PCC = Phoenix Convention Center
HYT = Hyatt Regency
WYN = Wyndham Hotel

Last Update: March 10, 2011. Please check back often to this page to view updates.

Group Name Venue Location Level Date Start
9Marks@9 PCC 120C/D 100 Mo/6-13 9pm  
9Marks@9 PCC 120C/D 100 Tu/6-14 9pm  
Arizona Church Planting Lunch PCC 129B 100 Tu/6-14 11am Noon
Baptist21 PCC West 301A 300 Tu/6-14 Noon 1:30pm
Bivocational & Small Church PCC 226A/B/C 200 We/6-15 Noon  
Children's Conference PCC 126A/B/C, 127A/B/C 100 Mo-We
Clear Creek Bapt Bible College PCC 225A/B 200 We/6-15 1pm 3pm
Convention Sessions PCC Halls B/C/D/E 300 Tu-We    
COSBE Luncheon SPD Valley of the Sun A 2nd Su/6-12 12:30pm 6pm
COSBE Worship Services SPD Valley of the Sun C 2nd Su/6-12 9am Noon
Credentials PCC Alcove D 300      

Criswell College Luncheon

PCC 232A/B/C 200 Tu/6-14 Noon  
Executive Committee Plenary SPD Valley of the Sun C 2nd Mo/6-13 2pm 7pm
Exhibits PCC Exhibit Hall 4 Lower Mo-We/6-13-15    
Fellowship of Bapti. World Min SPD Camelback A/B 2nd Mo/6-13 7am  
Fellowship of Native American Christians PCC 226A 200 Mo/6-13 10am Noon
Founders Fellowship Breakfast SPD Valley of the Sun B 2nd Tu/6-14 6:30am 8:30am
Global Pastors Dinner HYT Cowboy Artist Room 2nd Mo/6-13    
Golden Gate Seminary Luncheon PCC 227A/B/C 200 We/6-15 12:15pm 1:15pm
GuideStone Retirement Seminars PCC 123 100 Mo-We
IMB First Trustee Reunion PCC 225B 200 Tu/6-14 7pm 9pm
IMB State Execs/State Conv Pres PCC 231B/C 200 We/6-15 6:30am 9:30am
Information PCC   300 Su-We/6-12-15    
Liberty University Reception PCC 227A/B/C 200 Ty/6-14 6pm 7:30pm
Lifeway 2011 SBC Mini-Bldg Conf PCC 231A 200 We/6-15 10am 12:30pm
Lifeway Courageous Movie PCC Halls B/C/D/E 300 Tu/6-14 6:30pm 8:45pm
Lifeway St Exec Dirs Dinner PCC 129A 100 Mo/6-13 5pm 6:30pm
Lifeway Trustee Exec Comm SPD Alhambra 2nd Mo/6-13 7:30am  
Luther Rice Univ Lunch PCC 129A/B 100 Tu/6-14 11:30am 1pm
Mid-America Baptist
Theological Seminary Lunch
PCC 124A/B 100 Tu/6-14 Noon 1:30pm
Mid-Continent University
Alumni & Friends Lunch
PCC 225A 200 Tu/6-14 Noon 1:30pm
Midwestern Seminary Luncheon PCC 124A/B 100 We/6-15 Noon 1:30pm
Ministers' Wives' Luncheon PCC 120A/B/C 100 Tu/6-14 Noon 1:30pm
Mississippi College Reception PCC 225A 200 Tu/6-14 5:30pm 7:30pm
NAMB Annie Armstrong Luncheon PCC 120D 100 Tu/6-14 12:10pm 1:25pm
NAMB Chaplaincy Dinner PCC 225A   Su/6-12 5pm 8pm
NAMB Missionary/Chaplain Recept PCC 122C 100 Mo/6-13 3pm 5pm
NAMB Send North America Lunch PCC 120C/D 100 Mo/6-13 11:30am 1:30pm
NAMB State Execs Dinner PCC 232A/B/C 200 Tu/6-14 6:30pm 9pm
National African American Fellowship Dinner PCC 129A/B 100 Tu/6-14 6:30pm 9:30pm
National African American
Fellowship Meeting
PCC 231C 231C Mo/6-13 4pm 6pm
New Orleans Seminary Luncheon PCC 120A 100 We/6-15 Noon 2pm
NOBTS Kossover & Co. Screenings PCC 226B/C 200 Mo/6-13 3:30pm 5pm
NOBTS Kossover & Co. Screenings PCC 226B/C 200 Tu/6-14 5pm 7pm
NOBTS SBC/CP at Work Class SPD North Mountain 2nd Mo/6-13 8am  
NOBTS SBC/CP at Work Class SPD North Mountain 2nd We/6-15 8am  
Pastors' Conf. Courageous Movie PCC Halls B/C/D/E 300 Su/6-12 Noon 2pm
Pastors' Conference Office PCC 226A/B 200 Su-Mo-6/12-13    
Pastors' Conference Sessions PCC Halls B/C/D/E 300 Su-Mo    
Pastors' Wives Conf. PCC 120A/B 100 Mo/6-13 8am  
Prayer Room PCC Alcove A 300 Su-We-6/12-15    
Preschool Childcare PCC 130, 131A/B/C 100 Su-We
Registration PCC   300 Su-We-6/12-15    
SBC Hispanic Conference Lunch PCC 232A/B/C 200 Mo/6-13 12:30pm 2pm
SBC Hispanic Pastors' Conference PCC 231B 200 Mo/6-13 10am 12:30pm
SBC Hispanic Wives' Conference PCC 231A 200 Mo/6-13 10am 12:30pm
SBCFuge PCC 125A/B, 128A/B 100 Mo-We
Shuttle Ticket Sales PCC   300 Mo-We-6/13-15    
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Reception PCC 225A/B 200 Mo/6-13 8:30pm 10:30pm
Southeastern Seminary Luncheon PCC 129A/B 100 We/6-15 Noon 2pm
Southern Seminary Luncheon PCC 120D 100 We/6-15 12:30pm 2:30pm
Southwestern Seminary Luncheon PCC 120B/C 100 We/6-15 Noon 2pm
WMU Sessions WYN     Su-Mo