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Southern Baptists reflected on and bantered various topics -- that included numerous challenges of the 21st Century -- at the Cooperative Program exhibit during their annual meeting in Baltimore June 10-11. Panelists in the background include Jonathan Akin, Edgar Aponte, Rhyne Putman and Steven Smith. Photo by Bill Bangham
Dave Clippard, IMB associate vice president of development, emphasizes intentionally planning a legacy is not about money, but about meeting the needs of family and "making a statement to take the Gospel to the rest of the world." Clippard addressed pastors, church members and their families during an IMB luncheon June 10 during the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting. Photo by Bill Bangham
Gregg Matte, senior pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church, shares his church's journey in giving during an IMB luncheon June 10 during the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting. Matte recently challenged his church to step up in their commitment to give missionally. The church far surpassed their goal of $15 million with a gift of about $30 million. Photo by Bill Bangham
During an IMB dinner June 9, Christina Lovelace gives a spoken word presentation of "The Story of God" by Matt Papa, a Christian musician and songwriter. The crowd audibly affirmed the presentation with "amens," "yeahs" and applause. Photo by Bill Bangham
Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee, gives an award to the Green family during a report June 11 at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting at the Baltimore Convention Center. The family, founders of the crafts chain Hobby Lobby, is fighting in court the Obama administration's abortion/contraception mandate requiring employers to provide health insurance covering medical technologies that can cause the death of an unborn child. The Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on their case later this month. The Green family "believe[s] that every human life from the moment of conception is sacred, and they believe that the government is not the Lord of their consciences," Moore said. Messengers gave the Greens a standing ovation and prayed for the Supreme Court's decision. Photo by Van Payne